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When it comes to wealth planning and management, no standard off-the-shelf product or solution will address the complex financial, tax and asset management issues our clients face today. At the Swisspath Group, we make it personal. Our specialists provide advice, assistance and guidance in the following areas, tailored to the specific needs of each and every client.

Our Services in The Consulting Sector

Legal and Tax

In an ever-changing financial landscape, we are resourceful and connected. Our collective knowledge, combined with comprehensive assessments performed by internal and external specialists, enables us to confidently handle all legal and tax matters, regardless of complexity.

From the outset, we deliver sound legal consulting and tax advice, services and solutions. We also create and refine tax compliant and efficient wealth management strategies tailored to the specific needs of each client. Also, we cover all aspects of Swiss legal and tax services for private and corporate clients and further assist them in the tax and legal structuring of wealth in an international environment.

Fund Services

One of our core competencies is providing advice and assistance in the set-up and administration of investment funds. We leverage our insight, know-how and experience in private equity investments to generate value and develop operating models that guarantee transparency on investments – while at the same time mitigating risks.

Trust Services

We structure and protect intergenerational wealth transfers through our in-house trustee or in partnership with trusted external providers. In both cases, our experienced professionals consider all relevant legal, financial and tax implications to establish a solid, sustainable and efficient set-up.

Corporate Services

The set-up and administration of corporate structures require expertise and experience. Our administration team provides this service with a passion that revolves around a personal relationship with each of our clients. This enables the consolidation of assets as well as the strategic development and growth of businesses.

Accounting Services

Our services include accounting and financial reporting across jurisdictions as well as consolidated overviews on the status and development of assets. This holistic approach paves the way for thorough and informed business and investment decisions.

Relocation Services

Our focus is to account for, protect, and manage client’s wealth assets and location is an important factor. Our services include assisting clients in selecting the new center of domicile for their family, application of a residence permit and citizenship in other jurisdictions, as well as the purchase or rent of real estate and support with regards to insurance.

Corporate Finance

Our experts have comprehensive and long-standing experience in advising corporates, financial and private investors on a range of services, including but not limited to valuation, transaction services, Mergers & Acquisitions advisory and business plans.

Consulting British Virgin Islands

The opening of our dedicated BVI office further cements our already burgeoning reputation in the multi-family office industry and takes the quality of our service to clients in terms of speed, excellence and efficiency, to a whole new level. Our team of specialists focuses on managing and controlling the flow of information related to the application of the newly established global exchange of information standards.

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We are independent specialists licenced by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) with an open architecture model, which enables us to develop investment strategies and services unique to our clients. Irrespective of the service provided, we adhere to our key principles, which are: honesty, transparency and accountability, at all times. When shaping a client strategy we endeavour to build a personalised client relationship for each mandate and to take the necessary time to analyse all aspects of their situation.

Our Services in The Capital Sector

Portfolio Management

Performance is only one element of a successful portfolio management strategy. Risk exposure, the tactical and strategic asset allocation, cash flow planning, provider selection and personal client preferences are all important factors. Our specialists consider each of these aspects when designing and implementing strategies tailored to the client’s need – ensuring an effective balance and relationship between risk and return.

Investment Advice

Our aim is to support clients with all their wealth planning needs. As such, our team of experts focus on delivering what is important to each client. The investment advice we provide includes discretionary asset management mandates designed to free clients from making day-to-day investment decisions as well as investment advice mandates, tailored to clients’ specific requirements. This includes the elaboration of tactical and strategical investment concepts, the implementation of the framework, the insight of market research and views, elaboration of hedging strategies, etc.

Investment Control

Control and transparency are paramount in wealth management. Our team of specialists analyses, monitors, and where required, restructures mandates of other Asset Managers to ensure that we provide the best solution and service to each client. This includes the review of direct and indirect costs, proactive interaction with portfolio managers and continuous monitoring of the implementation of the defined restrictions and regulatory compliance.


Throughout the entire process, we maintain strong relationships. We provide clients with transparency and control through consolidated and detailed reporting services across all asset classes and custodian platforms.

Private Equity

Our investment professionals are experienced advisors on the formation, structuring and financing of private equity funds and investments. Each investment proposal is designed to address our client’s particular risk, return and liquidity needs. We develop strategies for all forms of private equity investments to complete and enhance an individually tailored portfolio.

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Private and Executive Aviation is a complex topic requiring an in-depth understanding of General Aviation from a legal, technical, financial and client perspective. Our highly professional and proficient Aviation team, together with our wide global network of supporting organisations and contacts, will deliver the quality-focused service and solutions our clients demand.

Our Services in The Aviation Sector

Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales

For many, the starting point may well be the decision to buy or sell an aircraft. We accompany our clients through every step of the acquisition and selling process. Driven by the clear objective to maximise client return-on-investment and overall value, we work to avoid costly pitfalls that may arise with sellers, buyers or authorities.

Aircraft Financing

For many clients a critical step in advancing the purchase process is the preliminary evaluation and set-up of financing models including tax effective ownership structures. At the Swisspath Group we evaluate suitable financial solutions, including private equity funded aircraft financing. Our team of experts manage the entire financing process, negotiate term sheets, produce lease and loan agreements and secure the best possible legal set-up to save substantial costs during future aircraft operations.

Aviation Consulting, Control and Management Services

We understand that efficient operation and commercialisation of any aircraft is clearly client specific. As such, our team establishes a ‘value based’ operating framework for each client that extends throughout the aircraft life cycle. In addition, our Aviation Consulting ‘value chain’ covers all aspects of a client’s aviation needs. This includes aircraft registration, appraisals, AOC (EASA/FAA) projects, operator selection, management and audits, as well as Aircraft Asset management and detailed cost control.

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Swisspath Health recognizes that the health sector is one of the most growing and changing markets worldwide. In order to meet these changing market needs to assist our clients with establishing cost efficient business models, Swisspath Health offers strategic options involving the collaboration of investors and healthcare companies to evaluate the client’s infrastructure, recommend strengthening tools and assist with implementation.

Our Services in the Health Sector

Health Care Projects

Swisspath Health researches and invests in promising new health care projects. Our consultation and support, based on our experience and international network of specialists, will involve the creation of new business models and implementation of their mid and long term strategies and goals.

Health Informatics

Swisspath Health also recognizes the importance of digital health care tools, such as IT platforms. This new technology may improve the efficiency of healthcare management. Our services include the collaboration of companies that can identify the pertinent steps and measures towards achieving a functionally sound product.

Individual Medical Services

Swisspath Health services offers priority access to medical specialists for consultations and second opinions around the globe. Our medical partners provide the highest level of medical service while maintaining extreme discretion and privacy.

Healthcare Real Estate

Swisspath Health is committed to having an in-depth knowledge of the local medical real estate market including national trends that may impact the future of healthcare. We, combined with a comprehensive network of partners, understand the specific real estate needs of medical and healthcare providers, such as hospitals, outpatient medical clinics and senior care facilities, to offer and assist with implementing a solution that is competitive in the client’s target market.

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Through our internal team of experts and our global network of specialist partners, Swisspath Yachting provides the full spectrum of services necessary to cater for every aspect and phase of yacht ownership. Our approach is Client driven and our solutions optimized and tailored to best fit the individual needs and circumstances of each Client. Our focus is simple: We are the single point of contact offering complete solutions to ensure that nothing takes away from the sole purpose of yacht ownership-pleasure.

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Our Services in the Yachting Sector

Yacht Sales and Acquisition

In depth market intelligence, thorough understanding of individual yachts and concrete experience in the selling and acquisition process form the basis of a successful transaction. With a focus on time efficiency and value preservation, we are at the helm of these exciting yet often complex processes and accompany our clients every step of the way to ensure a swift, smooth and economically sound transaction.

Yacht Charters

Whether seeking to generate revenues from your yacht or simply looking for a getaway in utmost luxury and privacy, our team of experienced charter managers represent, market and manage your yacht to drive revenues, whilst our global network of brokers provide access to an extensive selection of yachts and diverse itineraries which promise to deliver the most memorable experience.

Charter Yacht Marketing

A product as unique as a yacht demands a team with a mind to match it. With experience specific to the yachting industry as well as to the greater luxury product and services industries, our marketing team and global partners understand exactly how best to draw on the strengths of each yacht so as to establish a strong market presence and attract the necessary attention to maximise revenues.

Yacht Management Services

At Swisspath Yachting, effective yacht management and asset value protection are synonymous. Through our comprehensive scope of Yacht management services, we ensure that your yacht is administered, maintained and operated to the highest possible standards, leaving you to enjoy your yacht with friends and family.

New Build supervision

Building and realising a dream requires careful planning, unwavering attention to detail and the experience to anticipate. Our dedicated team of Engineers, Naval Architects and Captains oversee the project from the drawing board to the launch , regularly liaising with the Client to ensure that reality is a true reflection of their vision.

Corporate Services

Corporate services is one of the core offerings of the Swisspath Group, where our in-house team of experts set up and administer corporate structures worldwide for optimised and seamless yacht ownership which reduces exposure to liability and enhances confidentiality.

Fiscal advisory services

In an ever-changing Financial and Fiscal environment, the Swisspath Group is resourceful and connected. Our team of experts and external specialists assess, advise and implement the optimal tax structure for the Ownership and operation of your yacht, limiting tax liability and avoiding any costly pit falls along the way.

Yacht Financing

The Swisspath Group’s broad reach within the Financial sector provides access to a niche network of institutions with whom we have long standing relationships and through which we facilitate Yacht financing. As recognized experts in both finance and maritime matters, we negotiate favourable terms for our Clients and oversee and administer the process from start to finish, ensuring efficiency and total confidentiality.

Owner’s Representative

As Owner’s representative, we act as expert mediator between the Client and the market place, using our maritime expertise and that of the Swisspath Group as a whole to evaluate, monitor and provide independent reports on the Owner’s existing structure. We coordinate the efforts of the various contracted parties, implement control measures to ensure that the services are delivered as per contract and in line with industry standards in terms of quality and cost and compile comprehensive reports for the Owner providing a complete overview of the Yachting operation.

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